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TERM 2/3

ANZ futureFERNS Years 3-4
Venue: Played at Waiwhakaiho Courts on Thursdays.
Season: Starts on Thursday 2 May. Ten rounds are played with last game scheduled for Thursday 4 July.
Games: Warm-up 10 minutes, skill development 15 minutes, match play.
Format: The focus for this age group is learning the basics with players joining in a skill development session prior to a modified netball game of 5 v 5, using two-thirds of a netball court.  It’s designed to be fast and fun, maximising participation and touches of the ball. Five players on each team and positions are rotated to ensure everyone gets an equal chance to develop their skills.
ANZ futureFERNS Years 5-6
Venue: Played at Waiwhakaiho Courts on Tuesdays.
Season: Starting on Tuesday 30 April. Ten rounds are played with last game scheduled for Tuesday 2 July.
Games: Warm-up 10-15 minutes followed by match play 4 x 8 minute quarters.
Format: The focus is on continued learning of netball and there is an introduction of 6 v 6 game play.  This is a fast game and provides lots of touches on the ball. The 6 v 6 game is played on a full size court with three positions on each team. Player rotation is encouraged to prevent early specialisation in positions. The emphasis is on all players getting plenty of touches of the ball and the opportunity to develop a broad skill set. 
ANZ futureFERNS Years 7-8
Venue: Played at Waiwhakaiho Courts on Saturdays. 
Season: Starts on Saturday 6 April. Fifteen rounds are played with last game scheduled for Saturday 10 August.  There are no games on 20 April, 1 June, 29 June or 13 July. There is a Pre-Season Game Day on Saturday 23 March.
Games: Warm-up 10-15 minutes followed by match play 4 x 10 minute quarters.
Format: These players are transitioning from ‘learning’ to ‘participating’ in netball 7 v 7. Players have developed a considerable understanding of the game. The emphasis is on converting fundamental movement skills to foundation netball skills. Performance, challenge and ‘playing’ are key motives for this age group. Rotation around positions and equal game time is encouraged in this age group. 

Year 3/4     No cost
Year 5/6     $55
Year 7/8     $65

Fees are due by Friday 15 March at 3pm.  Late payments will not be accepted and your child will miss out on team selection.
Fees include affiliation to Netball Taranaki. Therefore, once registered to play the fees will be non-refundable.
Account number: 15 3956 0057371 02 – Please use child’s name and ’NETBALL’ as reference.


Games: Played at Waiwhakaiho Courts on Wednesdays at 3:45pm and 4:45pm (depending on number of teams)
Season: Wednesday 16 October – Wednesday 18 December 2024
Format: Played on 1/3 court size, 10 minute Smart Warm-Up, 15 minute Skill Development, Match Play 2 x 8 minute halves – 4 v 4

The focus for this age group is on ‘exploring’ netball. It allows players to catch, pass, and shoot from day one, providing a fun introduction to netball. Junior Co-Ordinators and Star Helpers are on court to guide and assist. Games are played on 1/3 court size with 4 aside. With a small team and small space to play, your child will have many opportunities to have their hands on the ball, increasing their involvement and fun. 

There is no charge for this programme.


Blue school netball uniforms will be provided once teams are finalised.  Parents will need to provide sports shoes suitable for the court.

Rules are available on the Netball Taranaki website under ‘Future Ferns’ here

Draws are available on the Netball Taranaki website here


Please ensure you have installed the Bell Block School parent portal ‘@school Mobile’ on your device so that you receive all sports notices and notifications. If you have not yet logged in to the parent app, please contact the school office for setup and login instructions. Email 


A free Netball Taranaki app is available to download which is a great way to keep up to date.
Go to the App Store or Google Play, search for the Netball Taranaki app, download and make sure you “Allow” to receive notifications.

Cancellations for Saturday games will be made by 8am. For weekday netball, a call will be made by 2pm on the day of the games. Any cancellations will be published on the Netball Taranaki Facebook page and/or Netball Taranaki website (red banner running across the top of home page). Posts are only made if netball is cancelled. No post or updated banner means that netball is still on.

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